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Vintage Must-Have Pieces from Szputnyik shop

Szputnyik shop is all for conscious dressing, therefore we are here to help you find those reliable basic pieces that can help you build a not-at-all-basic wardrobe.

Fast fashion chains put enormous pressure on us to buy new clothes regularly and chase after the newer and newer trends, while constantly seeing our newest finds on many other people. Fortunately, buying vintage fashion can help you avoid the latter, and we will show you how can you turn your wardrobe into a more unique, practical and economical one.

1. Denim

Check out our webshop!The perfect fit jeans, the essential jacket, the 'seen it all', ripped vest and the short you cannot go to festivals without... We don't have to introduce these pieces, nor the struggle it takes to find them. You can get all of them in one place at Szputnyik, and you even get to chose from cleared out, classical, sequinned and patched designs.

Flitteres farmerek 16.990 Ft-tól

2. Textile Coats

Choose a colorful piece this spring instead of a black one! All of these coats can be found at Szputnyik shop among many others!With the perfect coat it will be easier to take this in-between weather, when you cannot wait for your winter clothes to be long gone, so you get to take barefoot walks in the sunset. Well, that is still a few moths away, but untill then a good coat will protect you from cold mornings and won't suffocate you during the early spring sunshine. Szputnyik shop offers countless sizes, styles, colors and lengths that are all looking for their new owners! Come see us, or check them on our webshop.

3. Blouses, Shirts

It goes without saying, simlply basic needs.
Here, at Szputnyik shop and in our online store you can find carefully selected, quality vintage shirts coming from all over the world! Come and see us either you seek an elegant piece for a special occasion, or your patterned blouse collecton needs another addition. You can find them at all of our stores, as well as online, find the nearest!

4. Vintage Dresses

Perfect for all seasons and easy to mix-and-match.
In Szputnyik shop's collection you can find romantic, soft fabrics, classy, feminine styles and even daring pin-up styles. Check our online selection or visit any of our stores!

5. Vintage Accessories

Choose the pieces that reflect you the most! Browse our online selection or visit any of Szputnyik shop's stores. Never underestimate a perfect accessory, since the right belt, scarf, shoes or bag can insanely improve your outfit, while a poor choice can lead to disaster. We suggest you to get a few reliable pieces for the times when you wish to effortlessly boost your look.

See you at Szputnyik shop!Before setting out to buy everything that has floral patterns this spring, just stop and look into the past of fashion instead!

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