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The Great Gatsby, the 20s in the Szputnyik way

Carnivals mean one thing: let go of the rules, enjoy the night! The American lifestyle of the 1920s and Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby stand for the same idea too. With our mini-photoshoot we aim to help you choose from Szputnyik Bazaar's collection to be able to stand out this carnival season!

Feel the vibe!

The 20s are all about limitless freedom, jazz, prohibition (or quite the opposite) and the emancipation of women. The ideal female at that time was independent, self-conscious, working, boyis both in looks and behaviour and most of all free in who she decided to love. They were the garconnes.

Choose your clothing!

Coco Chanel stood for comfotable and simple clothing, therefore the wide cut became a thing. The emphasis was on the waistline and the shorter and more showing pieses let us see the shoes and the stockings.

Keep it pretty: find a knee-long dress it could either be sequinned, fringed, pearly or a plain shiny maerial.

Keep is easy: parties all night and sports all day. Women were loose pant-skirts, tight textile hats and tweed jackets.

Choose your accessories!

For the brave ones: boas were a must, but long scarves and feathery and pearly headpieces, fur coats and high heels were also in favor.

For the less daring ones: wear a turban, a small hat or a simple headband. If your dress is more simple be brave when it comes to accessories. We suggest art deco!

All the clothes (Vintage&Used) visible in our mini editorail are available atSzputnyik Bazaar for 25% less untill 1. March.
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