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New Szputnyik empire opened in the heart of the city

Szputnyik D20 will undoubtedly be part of the Budapest feeling reflecting everything a stylish and daring 21. century person might need- regardless their age.

We have raised the stakes and moved from our 130 square meters venue to a nearly 300 square meters location.

International brands could learn from their interior design, not to mention the overwhelming monumentalism. The white inner area serves as a canvas for shoppers, whose task is to fill and reimagine this imaginary picture with the help of contemporarí and vintage fashion for themselves. The high walls and the use of space turns them into the nest and symbol of the furue of exciting streetwear.

The Dohány street store - that is also onpe on Sundays- is the revolition of the idea of freedom and boundless creativity. We all need a space where one can create and live this process.

Be creative, find yourself and express it through contemporary and vintage clothing!

Szputnyik shop///D201074 Bp., Dohány u. 20.
(Dohány u. - Síp u. corner; 2 minutes from the Grand Synagogue)
Mo-Sat 11.00-20.00
Sat: 11.00-18.00
+36 1 321 3730