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KULTfashion Awards ceremony - all the treats we prepared for you

A celebration is due since the joint t-shirt design competition of Szputnyik shop and Trafó has come to and end. There'll be many surprises at the event!

Time: 31 May 2014
Start: 6:30 pm
Location: Szputnyik D20 Bp., Dohány street 20.

The host will be Bence Csalár fashion blogger who will start the evening by announcing the winners of the competition, then the awards ceremony begins.

Bence Csalár Fashion blogger, journalist -'s blogger believes that fashion is an art form in which we , ourselves are the canvas, deciding on how crazy we would like to seem. He aims to introduce his readers to a world where creativity and fantasy have no boundaries. Bence has already worked with many prestigious brands both in Hungary and abroad, moreover, he has his own regular events (FashionEVE, Cup os Fashion). He is a boost to te hungarian fashion sphere for sure.

After the ceremony, from 8:30 pm real artpop can be expected since Lili Walters and Máté Szilágyi will be performing with their band Dorothy's Legs.

"After listening to their songs for a few times we believe there are not so many cooler thing in the city right now." - Dívá on dorothy's Legs

During the event the works of the competition's applicants can be seen, the cupcakes of Reka's Cupcake Factory can be tasted, and the specially spiced, cherry spirit based Mojito, Cosmopolitan and Sex on the Balation cocktails of the Tokajhegyaljai Licquer and Spirit Manufacture can be drank. Moreover we will also have a vintage snack bar.

The fun-colored, creative and healthy cupcakes.

Glam Cherry - spirit specialities. Cherry spirit based liquor specialities containing 5kgs of cherry in each bottle.

The ready-to-serve collection with Mojito, Cosmopolitan and Sex on the Balaton flavors. Internationally unique with premium ingredients (quality rum, vodka, tangerine spirit, Tokaji Triple sex and 100% fruit juices) and special bag-in-tube package.

Strongbow cider goes back more than 1000 years in France, Great Britain, Germany and in Skandinavian countries.

Vintage snack bar.

Music: Dj Johnson

The teams of Szputnyik Shop and Trafó await you.

Join the event:

Sneak peek into the judging of the competition:

InStyle, PS magazin, mashKULTURE Juicy, Werk Akadémia,, Budapest Essentials, Élesztő, Tokajhegyaljai Likőr- és Pálinkamanufaktúra, Strongbow