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KULTfashion - Here are the winners of Trafó and Szputnyiks t-shirt graphic design competition!

A lot of creative and innovative applications were submitted, however, the jury had to make their choice. The winner of the popular competition is Dávid Gutema, the second place belongs to Judit Besze and the third is János Péter Novák, Untune.

"There are many things I'm inteseted in, but drawing always comes in handy. My application was actually a selection of my previous works, I have been taking notes in fomrs of drawings for three years now. I have chosen the ones that are easy to understand. Mostly they are reflections on modern, social phenomena with simplicity and humor." - says David Gutema student of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, studying Intermedia.

His short video based on his application:

" I didn't have any exact concept when I created my application work. Some are inpired by Durer and renaissance panting, some by the connection between nature a geometry, there are surreal depictions, vinatge photographs and flowers. Some have a message some are just pretty, however, all of them are open to art. I would let everyone's own subjective fantasies to give meaning to the graphics. " - Judit Besze, freelacer graphic designer.

" This design was created while searching for competitions which went with the style of my designs. That's how I created this five-piece series firts of which was Petőfi's portrait. If there would have been gossip magazines while he was alive they would have been writing about his women, money and poetry issues." - Untune, freelacer illustrator.

The audience award, the 10.000 HUF worth Élesztő voucher was won by Eszter Szántó.

Congartulations to all the winners!