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Werk Stylists put on a fsahion show with clothes from Szputnyik shop

The first and second year stylists put on a fashion show at a feminine event in Budapest, Csajfeszt on 29, 30 May at Corvin Mall.

What comes to your mind when you think of green fashion? Why is recycling in fashion? How can a dress be environmentally friendly?

Werk Academy's stylist students with the guidance of Szonja Lang aimed to answer these questions. Their task was to recycle clothes provided by Szputnyik shop. They colud use any material, equipment and technique.

Right before the fashion show there was a talk on environmentally friendly fashion and Szonja Lang fashion designer (Tyra Clothing) and Ingrid Szekeres creative director of Szputnyik shop spoke with Gabi Szabó stylist.

The most popular course of Werk academy is theri Stylist programme for the seventh year in a row. Their success is sue to them providing internships and projects and having such professional teachers like Márk Lakatos, Zsolt Sipos, Kyra Bak, Szilárd Kiss, Edina Balogh, editor in chief of Joy magazine, Balázs Román editor in chief of Kreatív and Zita Konnerth interior stylist.

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