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Szputnyik X Sziget - The story

Our first ever Sziget experience in 2010 was just like for every beginner, we dragged along our siutcases the dirty and rocky ground.

We joined the adventure with a tiny tent, loads of clothes and enthusiasm and learned what it's like to be a Szitizen and it's safe to say that it had been our happiest and hardest week...

... up until next year's Sziget.

We still felt the vibes of the previous year, however, we were much more experienced therefore our tent grew so you could all fit in.

The seven day long craze had begun turning us into the base for extreme partydresses, what's more, everyone could find a match at our tent. Even our manequins were helping with that.

In 2012 Szputnyik brand was born and joined the festival. We started selling more festival clothing and fashionable yet original designs.

You came, you shopped, replaced torn shoes and clothing so everything could be the same that night.

What once worked should not be changed... well, those who know us know that's not the case for us.

During Sziget 2013 we set an even bigger tent for you, adónd it was neccessary to take such amazing photos of you! We let you fill and enjoy our spacious tent an tried to provide the best printed tops, shorts, skirts and dresses. We could hardly believe that more and more Szitizens were wearing our clothes day by day, and our regulars were spreading the news about the biggest festival tent where craze is measured in decibels.

2014 came with an even stronger Line-up and an even newer, wilder, more free Szputynyik atmosphere.

Visit our tent, photograph your outfits and follow us in social media since the craziest and most extreme cool kids will be at our place!

For the fifth year in a row, and definitely not for the last time Sziget=Szputnyik.

A little help for you to find us: