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Different is beautiful at Sziget, too!

Sziget is much more than a music festival, that's a fact. Its a unique world, where everybody is welcomed to join the hundreds of thousands of multinational festivalgoers for a week. They aim to provide unique spectacles, shows and attractions that otherwise could never be seen together, in order to introduce Europe's and especially Hungary's best to those who spend the week at the festival. And we don't even have to mention the strong lineup!

As every year, Szputnyik joins Sziget in 2015, too! What would be a better place to show you true self through our unique clothes than at a music festival? Now you can, since we will be waiting for you every day from 11am, so you can choose the one from our collection of beautiful clothes and accessories that reflects you the most! Make a statement with your look! Wear whatever you want, that won't be an ordinary week!

Szputnyik Shop is already preparing for Sziget, so you can find the widest range of selected vintage and bold, limited designer pieces whether you know us, or just about to meet us for the first time. Join Szputnyik Shop during this one week of ,,Wonderland". Find friends, love, Szputnyik treasures, and everything you never knew you were looking for! We know, that Sziget is the land of possibilities, visit us, and let's make it even more memorable for eachother!

Even better news is, that thanks to our online store, and the worldwide shipping, it doesn't matter however far you're coming from, you can shop for Szputnyik pieces whenever you want! This means no more goodbyes after Sziget, and you don't have to wait a year to be able to shop with us again, either!

Different is beautiful at Sziget, too! See you soon!

Szputnyik SZIGET Shop

10-16. August

Budapest, Hajógyári Sziget

Open: everyday from 11 am until you're interested :)