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Winter Sale - Tops and Tanktops for Women for 20-30-50% Less!

Fashion enthusiasts and those who favor smart solutions already now that winter sales are the best for getting key pieces for the following summer. Now you can do so at Szputnyik shop's Winter Sale between 28 and 31 of January when all our patterned tanktops and tops will be available for 20, 30 or even 50% less.

Cool tanktops for 1495 HUF instead of 2990

30-50% off special tanktops

One of Szputnyik shop's trademarks,patterned tanktops have long been part of the wardrobes of many, but now thanks to the fact that you can get them for even 50% off during our Winter Sale, we hope that even more people can ejoy and wear them in their everyday lives.

There are plenty of colors and patterns to choose from, come and select your favorite!

Check out the offers in our webshop, too.

Printed unisex tanktops for 4195 HUF instead of 5990

50% off unique tops

Every year Szputnyik shop brings you the best of festival style, since summer festivals are our favorite events of the year. It can be hard to stay positive during the freezing winter, however, it will be much easier wearing some tops that make you feel closer to the main stage.

Limited pieces from 2495 HUF

Visit any of our stores between 28 and 31 january or shop online and get at least 20% off your purchase! That's not all! We'll soon show you all the other items you might get cheaper during our Winter Sale!
The discount can be activated by a password. In case of online shopping please add the password to the note section.

The password is Zúzmara.

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