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Irish pub-music upgraded with modern and vintage clothing

Firkin band, formed in 2008, is very popular in Hungary and they're even headliners abroad. They have had more than 400 gigs in 14 countries. As they say: "As soon as Firkin starts to play, the celtic party feeling is given!"

They will have a huge show on 2. April at Akvárium klub, where they will present their latest video for the song Start Again. The music video features Szputnyik clothes as well.

We have interviewed János Péter, founding member on music, beer, fashion and success.

- What do success and fame mean to you?
These are forms of acknowledging our work, these take us further on our way. If people like what we do than we are headed in the right direction. That's the most important thing: to bring joy and channel the crazy irish vibes through our music. We are trying to stay on the ground and do what we do, our happiness: we play our music.

-You latest news is that your new single Start Again won the first prize in pop/rock category at The Akademia Music Awards in California. Congratulations! It seems that you are more successful abroad. How does it feel, and why is that?
Abroad, especially in western regions this kind of music is not only for certain groups of people. People there listen to mixed genres, they are not stuck with one or two. To be a headliner and perform in front of thousands of people feels amazing of course, but we don't want to forget about our home either. We consider our origins important, and thank god there is more and more demand for our music in Hungary, too.

- For your latest photoshoot and music video you wore Szputnyik shop clothes. When and where have you discovered them?
We have known them for a while, but we have only met them when we were looking for a shirt for Andy to perform in. After endless arguing and like 10 stores finally we found a shirt that was unique and matched the spirit of our band. We added some pins to make it real Firkin-like and ever since then it's been a basic piece at our shows.

- Why did you choose Szputnyik shop?
We thought that Firkin's pub-punk and Szputnyik's though style match perfectly. It seems that we thought right. (laughs)

-You have a really characteristic sound, how did you manage to present Irish pub-folk in your video?
We did not want to show the dirty side of pub-music this time, but rather the myths surrounding Irish tunes. The story will take the audience to a fantasy world, where nothing is what it seems. Well, of course, we will be drinking a little, too. But if we are preaching about beer all the time, that's no so outrageous. (laughs)

- Do you think the way you dress counts when it comes to success?PJ: We think that how we look on stage is really important and we try to pay attention to that. We try to be professionals and not only when it comes to our music, but also with our looks. We couldn't imagine Ese without his kilt, it's just as much part of him as his hair.

- Is there a difference between what you wear on stage and what you wear in your everyday life?
Of course there is. Ese, for example is not wearing his kilt on the streets. (laughs) But seriously, we are wearing rather comfortable clothes in our everyday lives.

- Firk'n Spring - on 2. April at Akvárium klub there will be a spring craze with you. What can we expect at the show? HAve you prepared any special elements?
Our main surprise will be Pál Göttinger, who will make sure that the atmosphere will be perfect! Moreover, the first 100 guests will be lucky enough to join a Tullamore Dew tasting.

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Bp., VII. Dohány u. 20.
H-Szo /// Mo-Sat: 10.00-20.00

Bp., VI. Király utca 22. (Káldy u. 1)
H-Szo /// Mo - Sat : 11.00-21.00