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Get closer to nature with Szpunyik shop!

Szputnyik shop believes that protecting nature and sustainability are crucially important. That is one of the reasons why we offer so many clothes with natural elements, so you never forget what's at stake.

High fashion houses have also realized the beauty around us and translated them into wearable art. We will now show you our favorite trends connected to nature, and the pieces we have to offer if you'll ever feel like wearing trees, flowers or insects.

1. Tree of Life

Trees are essential for our survival, why wouldn't they be in your wardrobe?They provide oxygen, they are beautiful and always there to remind us that not all good things are temporary. Either you prefer green leafs, mystical forests or summery palm trees come and choose one! You wouldn't be the first person who wouldn't just admire their beauty but would also wear them! They have inspired many fashion designers, but the most important architectural and art style of the turn of the century, secession was also inspired by their grace and beauty. Trees are the symbols of family bonds and stregth, however, many believe them to represent life itself. If any of these is close to your heart, then Szputnyik is your best choice!

2. Flower Power

When spring comes trees and clothing stores bloom. However, the new season is not the only thing floral prints stand for! Love, completion, friendship, life and happiness all call for bouquets.

Why would you not get some flowers that will last forever?

Choose one of our floral vintage and new dresses, or accessories!

3. Forbidden Fruit

Health, vitality and happiness. Eating fruits is just as good for you as wearing them! The designers at Prada, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci already realized that when they created those playful designs. If you want to bring some fun into your wardrobe, then start wearing your favorite fruits! The most important art concept of the sixties, pop-art has reimagined fruits and moved them from our plates to somewhere much more important. Andy Warhol and his contemporaries have proven that you do not have to be abstract to be arty, since art is only based on your view. But why fruits? They are colorful, beautiful, lively and most of all, unexpexted.

Either mediterranean, either pop-art inspires you more, friut prints are something you'll love!

4. Bitten by the Love Bug

Who says one life-form is more worthy than another?

Bugs and insects have the right to live on this Earth as much as people or other animals. High fashion labels already know that and try to bring attention to the aesthetics of these small creatures. Prove them right and choose a Szputnyik piece with bugs and wear it your way! Not to mention that these tiny creatures also stand for unity, hard work and persistance!

5. Birds of a Feather

Feathers are breathtaking, it doesn't come as a surprise that they have already inspired many designers. Ancient Native Americans believed them to be a tool of communication between ours and the spirit world, then they stood for faith, hope and freedom, and now they are also the symbols for style and class thanks to Alexander McQueen, Carolina Herrera, Chanel, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino among many others who gave created amazing feathery designs. Whichever meaning you prefer visit our stores , or our online shop and choose a feathery piece!

Visit any of our stores or shop online for natural printed items or selected vintage and new limited edition clothing. Do not ever miss any new design follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


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