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PAEZ - New arrivals!

We have already introduced Paez shoes made for adventurers, that can be found in Szputnyik shop as a Pop-up store. Since Paez shoes have proven extremely popular we have ordered some new designs, which you can check out now, these are also available in all our Budapest stores!

If you have missed our previous article on the subject, here is what you must know about the brand: every pair is hand produced in Argentina, under controlled and ethical circumstances, out of natural ingredients.

The upper part is made of 100% cotton, the outer sole is made of rubber, and the inner sole is genuine leather. These are not only practical but also comfortable.

Many of you already know that since our starting collection is selling out fast. Hurry so you can get your favorite desing from the new collection or get lucky and purchase one of the last pairs of our original collection!

New Classic Indie (For Women)

Aztec prints, fresh white and some extra colors. These are all you need this spring and this Paez combines them!

New Classics Palmtree (For Women)

Sunset, sea shore and palm trees. What else could you ask for? You are not going to such a place this summer? Never mind! Buy these shoes and feel the summer whenever you look at your feet.

New Classic Azteca Botas Yellow (For Women)

One of the funniest designs at Szputnyik shop. The yellow canvas would be enough to create a unique pair, however, the tiny boats are the ones that make this Paez extra special.

New Classic Paper Leaves (For Women)

Szputnyik shop loves nature, as you colud have seen in one of our latest articles, and therefore we have prepared with a leaf printed Paez for fellow nature lovers.

New Classic Nadadoras (For Women)

Do you like watersports? Choose a pair of Paez shoes with this design, a pattern of tiny swimmers and show your support this Olympic season!

Original Panamá Gambler (For Women)

Classic spring shoes, a light blue shade that goes with everything. Look closer, its material makes it really unique.

Original Panamá Fedora (For Women)

Not as simple as it seems, just like the Paez Gambler. Come to Szputnyik shop and find out!

New Classic Black Washed Denim (For Men)

We didn't forget about men either. In adddition the classic styles we have to offer, now you can find thid denim piece as well at Szputnyik shop until August.

The new Paez shoes await you at Szputnyik shop, hurry, so you won't miss them!



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