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Who exactly is Chuck Taylor?

Are you eager to wear your sneakers as soon as the weather allows it? Do you own at least one torn pair of shoes that you refuse to trash because of the memories you have of them? You can never refuse a new pair of extraordinary sneakers, or collect a classical design in all of the colors available?

Then this article is for you!

Quality used Vans and Converse shoes are among our best selling products, for they are practical, comfortable and incredibly addictive.

How did the iconic brands begin their journey into popularity, and how did they achieve to become a concept for even the fashion unconscious?

Since Szputnyik shop believes that the base of stunning style is authenticity, the fact that you are fully aware of what you are expressing with the items you are wearing, we have dug up everything there is to know about snekaers.

Today the word points to rubber soled sports shoes, however, it comes from the idea that whoever is wearing a sneaker has so quiet steps that they can easily sneak up on anyone. Quiet rubber soles were really unusual during the firts half of the 1900s.

Marquis Converse has started to produce footwear for basketball players in 1908. They named his design Converse All Star in 1917, and a player called Chuck Taylor has loved them so much that he gave his name to them. Converse has stayed in sports untill the1950s, when the youth has taken it to the streets as they have seen in James Dean's classic, Rebel Without a Cause. By the end of the 50s black and white, including Chuck Taylors had become the official wear for the era's alternative youth.

There was no stopping after that. Converse has become an iconic piece for anyone who went against the mainstream. Sid Vicious and Tommy Ramone had worn them, then came the popularity explosion: Grunge. Kurt Cobain and the members of Green Day are only few of the iconic figures who turned Converse Chuck Taylors into the symbol of non-comformity by the end of the 20th century. Thanks to the growing media representation millions of rebellious teenagers spent their pocket money on Converse shoes. Today, even if you do not consider yourself to be a fashionista, there's a chance you have at least one pair of them.

Supermodels, movie starts, singers, even politicians and toddlers wear them. Their original message rebellion has faded, however, today they stand for unity and loose style. Wearing them is not what's special about them, but the way you insert them into your personal style is. We are all different, we wear the same classic elements differently.

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