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Care about what you carry! Bags from Szputnyik shop

Monochrome, colorful, patterned, small, big, back, side... Bags are the most basic accessories that we hardly ever take a step without. They carry everything that's important, and let's admit that usually some not so important things too, so size does matter when it comes to them.

Szputnyik shop has countless designs, styles, patterns, colors an sizes to offer those who wish to carry their belongings with style.

Fortunately, men have realized that cramming their stuff in their girlfriend's purse is not the only way to go. If your man is still making you carry his things you should take him to Szputnyik shop where you both can choose from our giant unisex backpack collection from 9.990 HUF. Buy matching ones or use the dream piece together!

Summer is upon us, that means long nights, music festivals and outdoor parties. Although big bags can be our best friends during daytime, partying with them can be quite annoying, so every girl has to have their perfect small bag! Choose a colorful pattern, a shiny material or a fun kitty-shaped one from even 4.990 HUF and not only your outfit but also the party will get much better.

For nature lovers we suggest choosing a big colorful backpack, while urban sightseeing calls for a stylish and fun gymbag from 5.990 HUF. Wear your favorite animal, band or food! Come and browse the tons of patterns Szputnyik shop has to offer!

Classic best selling designs and current trends along with some crazy and interesting styles await you at all Szputnyik shop stores and online!

Budapest VII, Dohány utca 20.

Budapest VI, Király utca 22. (Káldy u.1)

Budapest V. Március 15. tér 1.
Nyitva/Open: H-Szo/Mon-Sat 11:00 - 19:00
(2016. június 1 - szeptember 30.)


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