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The magical Christmas collection is already in the store!


If you are looking for a real treasure or want to make Christmas Eve unforgettable, you can be sure that you will find the perfect surprise with us! 
Soft, Christmas socks, elegant and comfortable festive clothes, Christmas souvenirs and accessories are all waiting for you! 
Is Christmas splendor and luxury indispensable to you from the holidays? With the appearance of the first Christmas decor, do you catch the festive fever? Then you will find a lot of joy in this assorted beans! Immerse yourself in the magical offerings of Sputnik, which bring the real atmosphere of Christmas to life through fun accessories and classic must-have pieces! 

Choose from the most beautiful pieces of our Christmas collection in the webshop or in person in the store! We look forward to seeing you! 


Cute or just funny socks that bring to life all the motifs of Christmas are available from 990 HUF to 2990 HUF in Szputnyik. 


Glittering bags and gym bags bring us the real festive atmosphere as they sparkle in the cavalcade of light. You can't miss your Christmas set either!


Through the funny motifs, our favorites show the festive good humor in only a limited number of pieces! Don't miss it!


We haven't forgotten the little things this year either, so you can also find a number of earrings in the collection that will bring to life the favorite figures of Christmas. Each member of the collection costs HUF 1,490 uniformly. 

Vintage bowtie

Our vintage selection can’t be short of Christmas miracles either, so we’ve brought you our super unique and rare musical, flashing ties that are sure not to face you at the corporate party!