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Girly, Rocker or Sporty - Which one are you?

Whichever of these categories you fall into, we've got tips for what to wear tomorrow! There are so many different styles of second-hand and sustainable products to choose from, you're sure to find one that really suits your style.

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First up are some girly sets to show off your femininity. If you're a pink lover and love sophisticated lines and colours, then your best bet is to take a look around our vintage blouses. You'll find plenty of patterns and colours to make you look like a diva. And if you're looking for an accessory, choose a schrunchie to match your outfit and accessorise your hair. 

Many Mornings has a special collection of socks. You'll find everything you could wish for in these. There's Love Story, yoga socks, unicorns, flamingos. And if you want to emphasise your feminism, there's a piece called Simply the Breast, which speaks for bodypositivity.

You'll also find plenty of exciting and unique pieces representing the rocker style in the shop. Because in addition to the many band t-shirts, you can also add vintage treasures to your repertoire. You can't go wrong with a Metallica or ACDC t-shirt, for example. Show how much you love music and go wild!

We also offer a pair of super vintage leather shoes to complete the set. After all, a rock concert is nothing without a good pair of boots!

Rings-rings and rings! There are so many super accessories you can add to your outfit to make it even hotter and more daring! And for a real rock & roll vibe, don't just choose one, choose as many as you can!

If you like NikeAdidasPuma or Lacoste t-shirts, but you don't want to buy new ones, come to Szputnyik! You'll find lots of super quality vintage pieces and you can put together a really cool sporty set! And because these t-shirts are really high quality and designed for sports, we can confidently recommend them whether you're going for a run or a spin workout!

Many Mornings socks are also the perfect addition to your sports kit, as we have a wide range of exercise socks. Whether your favourite sport is running, cycling, swimming or football, you'll find them all in Many Mornings socks!

AAAANND, last but not least, here are some of your favourites - Fjallraven baseball caps, which you can never have enough of. You love the brand, and rightly so. These hats are comfortable and ventilate well due to the mesh back, making them suitable for any outdoor sport! But that's not all, there's a reason why this brand is such a star, because sustainability is at their heart. The hats are made from 65% recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton. So you're not only doing yourself a favour, you're also doing the Earth a favour when you buy this one!

Come to the Szputnyik Shop and choose your favourites. And if you prefer to shop from home, you can do that in our webshop too!