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Popular searches - Transformation: Anna Pásztor on stage

Anna Pásztor as a warrior - photograph:  Attila Kleb

We have had a chat with Anna Pásztor, lead singer of Anna and the Barbies and her personal stylist Márk Kiss about clothing, the power of on-stage apparell and their joint work. 

Those who know Anna Pásztor and her band, Anna and the Barbies, know that she has really tough and daring looks on stage. We've asked her about the meaning of these costumes and what is her everyday style like. We have also asked Márk Kiss stylist, who told us about the preparations and works connected to a photoshoot or a live show and how does Anna get her final perfomance look.

Anna Pástor in one of her costumes - Photo: Ica Kenez

You often take part in campaign shoots, what was your latest work?
We have just shot a new campaign for Szputnyik shop. Szputnyik is an amazing store. They sell both vintage and alternative, rock clothing, mind-blowing. Bori Péterfy, Sena and I are the faces of the campaign, I just love it. Actually, I love wearing their clothes both on and off stage. 

Szputnyik campaign shots - Styling: Márk Kiss, Photo: Dániel Nemeslaki 

BeCrew photoshoot - Photo: Bálint Trunkó 

BeCrew photoshoot 

Anna dressed as Manson backstage with Márk Kiss

Interview: Réka Szentesi,