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Dívá - Sena Dagadu: I am an extremely happy person

A Szputnyik shop fotózásán találkoztunk Senával, aki Pásztor Annával és Péterfy Borival pózol a bolt kampányában.

We have met Sena on the set of Szputnyik shop's photoshoot where she shot the store's latest editorial with Anna Pásztor and Bori Péterfy. 

We talked with the singer about her second solo album Lots of Trees lately, and now we met on the occasion of an editorial shot - a perfect opportunity to catch up.

Sena a Szputynik kampányában

And since we have met on a set we have asked her about fashion and style: "It depends on the day how much attention I pay to clothing in my personal life. I like dresses, shoes, there sure are some people who would say I have too many shoes, scarves or hats, but I just love all kinds of clothes and accessories. 


Interview Margit Kovács, Dívá