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Dívá Szputnyik: don't be afraid of loud clothes!

Szputnyik shop offers new and vintage clothes and their style is not the only thing that makes them different from any other Hungarian store but also their projects. This season they deciced to work with famous singers on their newest editorial. We will not only show you the finished photos but also interviewed the head of the store Ingrid Szekeres about their concept and why you must visit Szputnyik. 

The editorial's three main characters are three well known Hungarian singers: Sena, Bori Péterfy and Anna Pásztor who are regular costumers of Szputnyik shop by the way. '' It was obvious that we will be working with them. They like to wear our clothes on stage and in their everyday lives as well. We became friends along the way and we've been thinking about a joint project for a while now. The inspiration was a photoseries about three friends being photographed together." - says head of Szputnyik shop, Ingrid Szekeres. 

"We are trying to depict a glam, sparkling pre/post concert atmosphere. I am selecting the outfits so that they reflets the girls' personalities and bring out the best in them." - says the stylist Márk Kiss. 

The video abbout the shoot can be seen here.

But what is Szputnyik?

The idea of Szputnyik shop comes from Roland Vörös who opened the first store at Bakáts square in 2009. He was influanced by the flea markets and vintage stores he saw during his travels. He decided to bring that atmosphere to Hungary. Ingrid Szekeres has joined him in 2011.

"Szputnyik shop's history began with us and its journey still goes on. We both believe in Szputnyik shop's right to exist, and we are determined to find the best pieces to sell. Collecting clothes is much more than just a pastime for us. It's a way to preserve and appreciate history, culture and fashion. Our aim is to lead the way in original dressing, to draw attention to creativity and self-expressing style. We truly believe that mixing and matching clothes from different past eras with contemporary pieces creates a unique and original look. That is why we sell both vintage and contemporary designs at Szputynik shop." - says Ingrid Szekeres.

We select the current collection personally in agreement with the designers who create these limited edition, original clothes and accessories.These creations must be fresh,haw to fit current trends and have to be characteristic with provocative, childish, fun prints that have a message and help us express ourselves. We can proudly say that we have the biggest selection of uniquw t-shirts and tanktops. This editorial was created in order to show people the style that only Szputnyik shop represents in Hungary. Just as designers photograph their newest creations we thought we had to show the feeling we stand for. A photoshoot like that is very fun, but also means hard work while also being a mean for feedback from people.That's a new practice from vintage stores, I have only seen it abroad so far. " 

Három underground énekesnőt kértek fel, Péterfy Borit, Senát és Pásztor Annát.

Underground divas in the campaign

Szputnyik shop brings the unique atmosphere of Budapest nights to life translated to fashion, with the collision of old and the new on their shelves. Their new photoseries called ''The Budapest Feeling" reflects one of their mottos: original style never goes out of fahion. In the editorial underground divas Bori Péterfy, Anna Pásztor and Sena show us what it's like when the store meets sparkling nightlife. "I love Szputnyik, I have been getting my clothes from them for like five years now. Their vintage pieces always have personalities and history, and I live and perform in their tank tops that I love the most. I can only offer them, especially to those who want to be more colorful and hates conformity. - states Anna Pásztor. 

If the editorial has inspired you to shop you don't have to run off to Dohány street, Bakáts square (moved to Király street) or Szombathely (moved to Budapest - current valid store locator here.) since they have just launched their online store, so you can shop for vintage treasures and new designs there too.

És a kreditek: a fotókat Nemeslaki Dániel készítette, a fotóasszisztens Márkus Ádám volt. A modellek Pásztor Anna, Péterfy Bori, és Sena, a styling: Kiss Márk műve. Asszisztense Szőcs Dalma volt, a fodrász Fábián Zsanett, a sminkes Magyar Eszter volt.

Article: Dívá