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Elegance and coolness- new shirts have arrived!

Férfi kollekcióink új darabokkal bővültek: a szuper, rövid ujjú ingekkel, amik most változatos színekben és mintákkal találhatóak meg üzleteinkben, a készlet erejéig.

Because of the big heat also the guys have to take off the thick clothes and to change the sweaters to t-shirts and shirts. For the elegant and stylish appearence you should choose the proper outerwear.

Our men's collection is expanded with new stuffs: cool shirts with short sleeves in multifarious colors and prints. You can have them in our stores while the stock lasts.

Everbody can find the shirt that matches the most with his personality.


We are bowing for the summer and for the tropical fruits so we introduce you our fruity mini collection. Tons of pineapples, bananas and melons are waiting just for you. In some cases the shirts are also pushed with cat and avocado prints in the name of trends. Surprise your man with these super shirts or wear yourself in many style and adopt this amazing Hawaii lifestyle!

Travel around the world! 

Most mókás autós, rendszámos és egyéb járműves ingekre is bukkanhattok üzleteinkben.

You can find funny shirts with cars, license plate numbers and with other vehicles in our stores that summons the classic pieces of the 60s, the american roads, the romance of the route 69 and the love of rush. Get your favourite and travel around the world in the magnificent sunshine!

Summer, sunshine, Hawaii

We evoke the exciting landscpes, the sandy beaches and azure sea with the unique shirts. Their shades are in the same feeling with their nice blues to get you in swimming mood. Palms, egzotic wildlife, parasols, deck chairs...what else we should say?

Open to happiness!

Egyik legextravagánsabb minikollekciónk a sörökkel tarkított, rövid ujjú ingeink, amik akár fesztiválszezonban, akár egy átbulizott estére, akár a bohém, életigenlő hétköznapokra is tökéletes lehet.

One of our most extravagant collection is the shirt with short sleeves and full of beers that can be perfect to the festival season, to party or to the life-affirming weekdays. Shine out from the crowd and make the people smile with your super outfit everyday!

For more colors and prints visit us in D20 and K22 stores, browse our online collection and reinterpret the concept of shirts!