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Sustainable Fashion for Beginners

Védd a környezetet vintage és használt ruhadarabok vásárlásával. A zero waste tudatos divatkövetés környezettudatos magatartás. Olvasd 5 tippunket, ha kezdő vagy a fenntartható divat témájában.

Did you know that fashion is the second most environmentally harmful industry?

That's right. We pay a huge price for cheap fast fashion, while these pieces usually end up in the trash after weeks of use since their quality is so low. It's not just them becoming non-biodegradable trash, but also the amount of energy and water we waste while producing them that's damaging our planet.

Sustainable fashion is a term that was first used in the late 1980s, when more and more clothing companies got into scandals over the unethical and environmentally harmful ways they produced their clothes. Some of them realised the damage they did and tried to find new alternatives. Even today, these alternatives are more expensive and slow so fast fashion remains the popular solution for customers.

Supply and demand goes hand in hand, so these harmful companies grew bigger and bigger leading to a dangerous behaviour from shoppers that harms the environment and even fashion itself.

Fortunately there are more and more movements that help you lead a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

Since we love the environment and fashion as well, we pay attention to being sustainable and conscious and we'd like to help you with our 5 tips on shopping sustainably.

Vintage is the perfect alternative when it comes to sustanability, since it is mainly recycling of used, good quality garments.

Vintage is the perfect alternative when it comes to sustanability, since it is mainly recycling of used, good quality garments.

1. Buy less, wear it more and reinvent it!

As Vivienne Westwood fashion designer said: ,,Buy less choose well''. We are all for it! Choose quality over price and you might end up with an item that you'll be able to wear for years to come and won't be worn out and damaged within a few months. Quality is key when it comes to our inventory. Either new or vintage we personally check the quality of each item that ends up in stores. We even meet and check on the designers who make our clothes so we can make sure that each item is of the highest quality possible.
If you get bored with one of your own items there are many ways to reinvent it. Add some patches and you'll have  a brand new design! We even do this work for you with our Reworked Vintage line.

Nálunk rengeteg Reworked Vintage darabot találhatsz, melyek átalakítottunk a legújabb trendeknek megfelelően. Ezen felül olyan vintage kincseink is vannak, melyek tökéletes vásznak lehetnek kreativitásodnak. Dobd fel őket felvarrókkal és máris kész egyedi darabod!

Browse our reworked vintage pieces that have been altered to fit contemporary trends. But our vintage treasures could be perfect canvases for future pieces of art.

2. Watch the wrapper!

Plastic bags are harmful and there are a lot of campaigns raising awarness about them. They are harmful for animals and the earth for not being biodegradable. No wonder more and more movements urge you to be zero waste and bring your own wrapping and packaging to shopping. Find our unique Szputnyik logo bags for that purpose, but we also offer durablae reusable paper bags when you purchase something from Szputnyik. Finally, our plastic bags are made of biodegradable materials, so they are 100% environmentally friendly.

Eldobható csomagolás helyett választhatsz egy újrahasznosított bőrkabátból készült Beyond Retro hátizsákot, vagy egy örök életű Fjallraven Kanken hátizsákot is!

Instead of disposable packaging go for a vintage backpack from Beyond Retro that is made of a used leather jacket or a timeless classic that will last forever, a Fjallraven Kanken backpack!

3. Vintage and second hand are green!

Vintage style is exciting, since all items have their own story while being the part of history. However, that is not their only positive quality! Buying vintage or second hand is also an environmentally friendly thing to do. What's the difference? Vintage pieces are items from the past that were masterpieces and real rarities in their own time, but have gotten even more valuable with time. They represent and reinvent the spirit of the era they were made in. That is why mixing vintage with contemporary design is so exciting. It is nostalgic while futuristic. Second hand is simply an item bought by one and resold to another thanks to its good condition in the spirit of recycling. Either one is your favorite, you help the environment and your wardrobe as well, when you save a piece of the past from becoming trash.

Különleges vintage válogatásunk darabjainak megvásárlásával is csatlakozhatsz a slow fashion mozgalomhoz és a környezettudatos divatkövetéshez.


4. Don't litter!

And on that note, we have arrived to our 4th tip, that is one of the key factors when it comes to zero waste, conscious fashion. If you ever bought too much clothing in the past and you have many items you don't use or need, don't ever trash them! There are many ways for you to get rid of them while being environmentally conscious! Give them to charity or give them to your friends, you can even sell them to collectors who know the real unique items and help you reinvent your closet. Join the circle of sustainable clothing, we will show you how: 


Find vintage treasures and find out how they get to be in our stores

5. Get to know your true self and our planet will thank you for it!

Fashion is one of the most basic forms of self-expression. If you know who you are and what you whant, then you can choose what you want to say through your clothing and will be less affected by passing trends. In order to do that, you'll need to go to places that offer a colorful and diverse range of styles and designs, where you can try on whatever you feel like, then leave with the items describing you best!
Ever since we opened we aim to be that place for everyone, to be able to offer a personalised selection for you all tio be able to become your most conscious selves!


Akár új, akár vintage termékeinket szereted jobban, nálunk hatalmas választékban találsz mindkettőből. Így biztos lehetsz benne, hogy megtalálod a leginkább hozzád illő darabokat!

Either you prefer new or vintage items, we have a huge selection of each, so you'll be able to find whatever fits you the most!