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Festival Time!


Here’s a question for you: which tent is the one at Sziget, that is being seiged by thousands of festival-goers each year, for a whole week? Of course it’s Szputnyik! The number one vintage store in Hungary is eager to welcome all Sziget people who are hungry for rare clothes and accessories. Bence Csalár, fashion journalist and blogger is here to help you understand the unique culture of festival style in an exclusive giude, completed by Éva Szombat’s charming photographs.
türkiz delfin

Summer festivals, (especially in hungary) have their recurring trends every season. Flower crowns, hot pants, fringe tops (speaking of women, of course). Let’s upgrade the look! The time has come to play around with textures and patterns in order to create an eclectic, yet original outfit for dancing in the heated crowd of the Party Arena. A printed pair of trousers, a sequin vintage top with ankle boots or sandals can be just as original as your usual self. What would be a better time to let go of everyday habits and try something special than a week spent at Sziget?
szombat éva
Speaking of men, it might be slightly more difficult, since they tend to walk around the tents shirtless – giving ladies great pleasure. However, it’s important to note that imagination is a key factor in their case as well. A pair of classic Levi’s shorts, a camouflage shirt, shorts with tropical prints, with a Jamaican inspired t-shirt can be great choices. Not to mention that they’re incredibly comfortable and Stylish, with a capital S!
Sunglasses are a must at every summer festival, that’s for sure. What’s also for sure, is that Szputnyik has an incredibly wide selection of them, with unique, original shapes. All we have to do is choose one and enjoy the week in the name of freedom and love. Join the muticultural environmnent in which hungarian and international people party together in unconventional harmony. What connects these people? One thing for sure, Szputnyik Shop.
rock fesztivál
Let’s see the outfits, and get inspired!

pink fesztivál
military fesztivál
punk fesztivál
rózsaszín cica