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Halloween in Szputnyik

As every year, we couldn't wait to start dressing up the store in Halloween decorations. Skeletons, zombies, bats and pumpkin lanterns decorate the shop windows, but of course, don't forget the sets! We tried to serve you our Halloween ideas in several styles, so everyone can find the one that suits them best, from more casual outfits to extreme, more daring sets.

A witch in a tulle skirt? Sexy vampire? Zombie cowboy?
Come and choose in the Halloween mood, be inspired by our sets and create the best outfit for the holiday!


🔮Where does this holiday come from?

The Celts living in today's Ireland, Great Britain and Northern France celebrated the Celtic New Year at this time, the eve of which fell on the night of October 31. They thanked the sun god for making the land and crops rich. The holiday marks the end of the long days and the approach of winter, that the lighter half of the year is followed by the darker half of the year. According to their belief, evil spirits roam freely in the streets at this time and can enter the living, so in fear they dress up in various disguises to deceive and confuse the spirits of the dead.

Of course, if you're not superstitious and would rather skip the dress-up party, but you've caught the atmosphere of the store, you can choose from our small accessories. You will find many badges, pins and rings related to this holiday.

Come and be inspired with us!

Remember, fashion is for everyone! There is nothing that can dictate you to be who you want to be. Tell a story through your clothes, shine as only you can and be the protagonist of your own story!

Take a look at our store on Dohány Street, which we have dressed up in a special Halloween atmosphere for this period. And if you'd rather watch from home, click on our webshop!