Halloween with brands - Fjallraven, Ertz, Many Mornings...

Halloween with brands - Fjallraven, Ertz, Many Mornings...

Our Halloween collection is on its way to you. First, we're going to show you some of the coolest Halloween colours by brand. Orange Fjallraven backpack, yellow Ertz, or a cool pumpkin Many Mornings? You won't be without festive style with us.

Halloween pumpkins, skulls, ghosts. The familiar black and orange colours. Now we'll help you frame the picture and tell you what these colours mean.
Orange: the colour of autumn, harvest, fire, warmth. Harvest is the fruit of labour, it is associated with a sense of pride, fire fills us with energy, enthusiasm and warmth. The rising and setting sun turns the sky orange, marking the beginning and end of the day.
Black: the colour of ancient darkness, of night, of mysterious depths, which has also become the primary colour of Halloween. As the opposite of life expressed in colour, it is a symbol of death, an expression of mourning, associated in most traditions with evil forces. 


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Where is this festive came from?

The Celts of modern-day Ireland, Britain and northern France celebrated the Celtic New Year on the eve of the night of 31 October. They thanked the sun for making the land and crops rich. The feast marks the end of the long days and the approach of winter, the lighter half of the year followed by the darker half. It is believed that evil spirits roam the streets and move into the living, so they fearfully dress up in camouflage masks to trick and confuse the spirits of the dead.

Many Mornings

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Fjallraven backpacks:  We're very proud of our wide range of bags, which means that everyone can find what they need.

Fjallraven táskák

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Fjallraven Kanken hátizsák

Beyond the Re-Kanken brand, we are also very happy that they are not only super in tune with the autumn mood, but are also made in a sustainable way. Which, along with style, is our other big thing!

Fjallraven Kanken Hátizsák

Fjallraven's knitted hats are stylish and thick, but they are also really high quality, and they use only recycled and sustainable materials. If you get one of these, you won't want to take it off!

Fjallraven sapkák

Fjallraven sapkák

The Fjallraven headbands are part of the new collection, which has recently hit the shelves. Get yours now!

Fjallraven fejpántok

Bags in autumn colours, autumn hearts!

Fjallraven övtáska

Fjallraven hip packs >>>

Come into our shop and take part in a real Spooky adventure, where you could be confronted by a ghost or scared by a skeleton emerging from the clothes.  Do not skip the Webshop either!