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🤩High Fashion on the streets of Budapest?😎

👑 What does HIGH FASHION mean?


Up until the 90s, the term HF meant high values, also resulting from the translation, in addition to the fact that it included handmade unique products and fashion available only to a certain stratum. While the Haute Couture brands (Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, etc.) they represented the "unattainable" category, which seemed like a productive strategy, as people became almost addicted to it, until recently graduated designers, new and emerging brands split the market and Fashion opened up to several layers.

Nowadays, all brands that are made in high quality, even ready-to-wear - but with a sense of luxury are discussed under the heading of high fashion. As an example, I could cite the Chanel fashion house , which is a traditional French brand, one of the symbols and strongholds of high fashion, and unlike the others, it still comes out with extremely expensive haute couture pieces. At the same time, the Jacquemus brand, which is a much cheaper price category on the market, can also be classified here, which is a "brand" that is barely a few years old, yet it offers and prices its products in luxury quality. Thus, it is considered more of a new-wave high fashion brand, which mainly features on Instagram.

High fashion brands usually sweep the fashion-hungry public off their feet with two seasonal collections a year . They are presented to the press and the public at the biggest fashion weeks."

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👀 So everything that creates an elegant and luxurious feeling is High Fashion ! Rich in detail, thoughtful, composed unique appearance. This is HF! But now, what should we do who like to hunt for vintage treasures and sometimes our complete outfit costs HUF 10,000? Is the HF appearance impossible for us?

We will try to provide a few examples of how much can be obtained from those "tourist" products, which at first glance do not look like unique pieces hung from the silk-coated hangers of a New York fashion house.



Remember! Fashion is for everyone, so there is no trend, color or gender direction that can dictate you to be who you want to be. Tell a story through your clothes, shine as only you can, and be the protagonist of your own story! Lead, don't follow!

Sputnik team 🚀