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How to make the best Vintage Nike set

Tippeket és trükköket adunk, hogy mivel párosítsd Vintage Nike darabjaidat, amivel igazán harmonikus és stílusos lesz az összeállítás. Hat szetten keresztül mutatjuk meg, hogy milyen sokszínű is a Nike és mennyi lehetőség rejlik benne, még egy használt darabban is!

Set 1: The real sportsman
You can go for a summer run in this set, it's got everything you need. A perfect breathable set that lets your skin ventilate in the heat and lets sweat through. A super shapewear that protects you from the sun. One pair of running shoes, one bag, one watch. What else do you need?
Tip: If you're choosing second-hand, the previous wearer of the garment has probably already washed out the toxins that got into the fabric during growing and dyeing, so you'll be getting a cleaner garment that's less likely to irritate your skin.
Az igazi sportos Nike szett Szputnyik shop
Set 2: A pleasant street wear
A simple jeans-T-shirt set for everyday wear. Just add Nike's super features, a must-have in the summer heat. Breathable function! The best for summer rushes! All with a pair of white street shoes and a rainbow fisherman's cap.
Egy kellemes utcai viselet Vintage Nike
Set 3: Comfortable evening barbecues
A comfy set that'll stand up to a cooler day, complete with a Nike sweatshirt. Everything is designed for comfort, so all you have to do is focus on the experience!
Tip: It's always good to pair your set with other brands you trust, especially when it comes to vintage pieces. A brand is not just a name, but also a guarantee of safety and quality.
Kényelmes second-hand Nike darabok
Set 4: The Beachcomber
Who wouldn't want to be near the water in this hot weather? So grab your straw hat, your slippers and of course, don't leave your vintage Nike swimwear behind, because it's the best way to go to the beach!
Tip: When you go to the beach, don't forget your sunscreen. You can always use SPF 50, and your skin will thank you for it for years to come.
Vintage Nike fürdőruha strandolás
Set 5: The perfect top
Choosing the perfect sports top is no easy task. Whether it's running, hiking or any other sport, you always have to consider the intensity of the activity and the weather. You need to choose the right piece for you. How thick should the material be, how important is breathability, should it be body-stretching or not? Luckily, you can find almost all types in the Sputnik Shop range. Come and choose from our range of sportswear to your liking.

Vintage Nike Sportos szett felsők

Set 6: Sporty street
Prefer a colourful sporty streetwear look? Then grab a pair of denim shorts, add a pair of Converse shoes, and all you need are a few Nike pieces for a truly colourful set.
Tip: For brightly coloured pieces like these, make sure you combine colours well, and mostly wear them with black or white!
Vintage Nike szett

For even more branded vintage pieces, check out the full range on our website, or come into our shop at 20 Dohány utca and choose to your heart's content!! !