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Popular searches - Sena and Wellhello in Budapest Park's campaign!

budapest park kampány

rúzsa magdi

Magdi Rúzsa I Clothes: Szputnyik shop, Claire's

wellhello park

Wellhello (Tomi Fluor, Diaz) I Clothes: Szputnyik shop, Robert Maar, Ninakoko, Hater

lovasi andrás kiscsillag

András Lovasi (Kiscsillag) I Clothes: Szputnyik shop

bérczesi robi

Róbert Bérczesi (Hiperkarma) I Colthes: Zara, Szputnyik shop

At the end of April the number one open concert venue of Budapest since the closure of Pardon Green, Park reopens! They have already started to shoot their new campaign with musicians such as Sena, Tomi Fluor and Diaz, tohether forming Wellhello. The campaign was shot by Be Crew. 

Photographs: Bálint Trunkó I Styling: Mark Kiss I Hairstylist: Koczka I MUA: Berni Titkos

Article: Just a Boy in Motion