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Our Favourite Vintage Brands

We have a wide variety of unique vintage treasures in our shop. But there are some brands that pop up time to time. You will love them too, and we often come across them on our treasure hunts. These are the high-quality, timeless pieces we'd like to introduce to you.

It's not a coincidence that we find a lot of these pieces on the second-hand markets, as they are in high quality, often handmade, carefully tailored pieces that stand the test of time and often still look as good as new 20-30 years later.


Adidas has given us the most iconic sport and street pieces in fashion history. The brand can be found everywhere from the rap era of the 80s to the everyday wear of today. So whatever is your style, you're sure to find your favourite Adidas piece. The brand is now only the second most popular after Nike. It regularly collaborates with designers and celebrities to create the best-selling lifestyle and streetwear pieces. Szputnyik is also a home of so many Adidas treasures, from tennis T-shirts to sushi sweatshirts, you'll find everything to brighten up your vintage set.


Originally founded in 1916 as a sock factory in Turin, Italy, then Kappa was reborn as a sportswear company in 1967. It became popular in the UK in the 1980s and became a household name when it supplied official kit to teams such as Manchester City, Juventus and Barcelona in 1984. The brand is known for its logo, which depicts a man and a woman leaning back to back. Although many people believe the graphic depicts two women, it was actually intended as a symbol of gender equality. In recent years, the brand has been back in the spotlight as vintage pieces have started to circulate the market. We have a lot of Kappa treasures here too. A wide range of T-shirts and sweaters. Come on boys and girls, take your pick!

The North Face and Ellesse

Both brands hark back to the pre-twenties. It brings back the fashion of the 70s and 90s. Ellesse started to make skiing accossories in the 70s. Both brands were designed for harsh weather and outdoor wear, so they were made from durable and thick materials that stood the test of time and are still a good choice for any hike in the woods or barbecue.


Founded in 1933 by a French tennis champion, Lacoste clothing is still a favourite in these days, with its distinctive crocodile logo inspired by the nickname 'alligator', given to the designer René Lacoste. This iconic crocodile adorns Lacoste's range of vintage T-shirts, cardigan sweaters, jackets and other apparel and remains the emblem of 20th century sportswear. If you visit us, you'll also find some of the emblematic pieces.

Tommy Hilfiger

Take centre stage with these vintage Tommy Hilfiger pieces. Choose one of the Tommy Hilfiger T-shirts and wear your favourite pieces from the 1990s. Bring the authentic athletic look of the 1990s hip-hop and streetwear culture with Tommy logo T-shirts.

Ralph Lauren

It is known by its  sophisticated designs and iconic T-shirt logo, Ralph Lauren is one of the biggest names in fashion. The brand has given us a wealth of classic designs that are still staples today. From rugby T-shirts, to cleaner lines, to the iconic flag Ralph Lauren sweatshirts. You'll also find the must-have staples here, perfect choice for a casual yet pretty outfit.


Your wardrobe won't be complete without one (or many) pair of jeans. That's where Levi's can help you. We're always on the lookout for premium quality, vintage Levi's clothing to ensure you get the best quality jeans for your wardrobe. It's one of the most iconic denim brands in the American clothing industry and remains a perennial vintage favorite. The brand has become so popular that you almost can't walk down the street without seeing a few people in a big Levi's T-shirt or jeans. Shop our huge selection of vintage Levi's t-shirts and jeans. Life is not complete without Levi's jeans!

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