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That's how you should spend Easter weekend!

Boldog húsvétot kíván a Szputnyik shop csapata!

Easter is coming up, we'll be able to rest for four days and there are plenty of promgramme opportunities for those days.

This year's four day holiday allows you to try anything you want, or just stay at home and enjoy the feast and the company of your family. We selected our favorite outfits for each of these opportunities, so you can just enjoy the holiday without having to worry about what to wear.

1. For the long ride home

If your plan is to visit some friends and family in the country, then these our go-to essentials for the journey. 

Az utazások alkalmával születnek a legjobb gondolatok, ne szalajtsd el őket! Készülj mindig egy kis jegyfüzettel, hogy bármikor feljegyezhesd, amit fontosnak érzel, mindezt szuper kis füzetkékbe, amiket a személyiségedhez vagy kedvenc hobbidhoz választhatsz, de természetesen a húsvéti ünnephez illő darabokat is kínálunk!

The best ideas come to you while you travel, don't let them fade away!

Have a notebook on you, so you can write down whatever comes to your mind right away! Choose one that matches you, your hobbies or get an Easter themed one!

The perfect bag is an essential, too. We have quite a few that match the occasion.

Bunny notebooks: € 9,57

Gymbags: € 19,30

2. Let's get your feast on!

Easter is the time of many feasts with sunny afternoon naps. Ham, eggs and all the traditional dishes. These four days can be about resting and feasting, and if that's what you're going for, then choose on of these food-themed essentials. 

Add át magad az élvezeteknek és merülj bele a kajatengerbe!  Mindehhez igazán inspiráló és étvágycsináló kincsekkel készültünk, hogy garantáltan ne maradj éhes! Hagyd, hogy elcsábítsanak tojásos termékeink és egyéb apróságaink, amik bűntudat nélkül visznek bele az élvezetbe.

Forget about everything and give yourself to the yummies! 

Browse our delicious selection that are a feast for the eyes, too. You don't have to feel bad after getting these, they won't make you gain any wait!

Get a pair of super-comfy bunny slippers so you'r rest can be perfect!

Bunny slippers: € 12,80 

Bunny socks from: € 4,20

Eggs socks: € 6,42

3. Stay dry!

There is a tradition in Hungary, boys pour water or perfume on girls so that they would bloom all their lives. In order to be able to enjoy the tradition and stay dry choose a Herschel raincoat which is a 100% waterproof and pretty!

 Ne fogjon ki rajtad az időjárás sem! Menj kirándulni, szabadulj ki a természetbe, hagyd hátra a városi zajt és öltözz be rétegesen, hiszen az előrejelzések szerint esős idő várható.

Don't let the weather get you down!

Get out of the city and explore nature! Don't mind the weather, it might rain, but you'r coat will keep you dry!

Herschel raincoats: € 96,75

+1 Extra Tip!

If you still haven't decided on a program for the holiday, but want to get into Easter spirit, the choose one of our bunny and sheep printed items and let Easter surround you through them!

Patches: € 3,20

NYuszis termékeink a húsvét szellemében

Szputnyik shop wishes you all a very happy Easter! 

Find the items in our selection at our stores and browse our online store, we are adding more and more new stuff every day!