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New Nanushki Socks for self-expression!

At Nanushki, they believe that we are all unique and they emphasise this uniqueness. They challenge us to dare to stand out from the crowd and to live in the moment, because being different is great! A colourful, fun and eye-catching sock can be the first step! Whether it's a sock with a pet , a sock that represents a profession, or just a colourful sock - you're sure to find your favourite at Nanushki. 

Socks for everything, everything for socks! Soft cotton, beautiful patterns and unique personality. Each piece is made from Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified material, which means that no harmful effects on the environment have been caused during the manufacturing process. This is another good point in favour of these socks.

Xpress Yourself Socks – to express your personality freely

Bet on colour and cute patterns! Express yourself with the new Nanushki Xpress Yourself sock collection. Whether you're sitting in a business meeting, rushing to school or meeting your friends, colourful socks with original patterns will stand out from the crowd and bring out your personality in every situation. For an above-average wear, the pieces in the collection are just as suitable for a smart casual outfit as they are for a jeans and T-shirt combo. They're also great with summer shorts - after all, these are the patterned socks you can show off on the beach.

Freetime with Happy Friends

Do you have a free minute? Nanushki knows exactly what to do with your free time. Is jogging or shopping your favourite sport? Do you like playing on the pitch or online? Our colourful socks will suit your interests, whatever your favourite activity. They're ideal for outdoors or at home, in a team or alone, during training or when relaxing. Choose fun socks tailored to you and show everyone what you're passionate about. Spend your time with the colourful characters of the Nanushka team.

Have you always wanted to be part of a cool team? Forget Friends, The Big Bang Theory and Beverly Hills. They don't rule the town anymore. Happy Friends Socks is a great collection that will get everyone's attention. From the romantic The Great Catsby, to the strong Foot Fighter, the little Furry Gang and of course the religious Holy Cow. Want more? You'll have to make friends with them.

World Edition

Want to travel around the world? Paris? Monaco? San Francisco? Bangkok? With Nanushki, you can always get closer to an exotic country. The world edition sock collection is an original and stylish patterned sock designed for the true traveller. High quality cotton, fabulous colours and a breath of the big world are just three of the reasons why you can't live without them. Nanushki socks are great in all latitudes, speak good English and break through all cultural barriers. Zokni, socks, chaussette, calcetine, socks, 袜子, çorap, ponožky. Which language do you recognise? Choose your sock pair and feel the whole world at your feet!

Opa Panda Style

Black musketeers, velvet gloves, dramatic smoky eyes, and you're off to the wild dance among the bamboos (the undisputed genesis of pole dancing). Protective custody is definitely conducive to unlimited fun, although unfortunately it doesn't mean private security. Everyone can only look after themselves. At the end of the day, an evening chillout is recommended, because it's better to take a peaceful nap than to rush around all day.

Paolo Coffeelho

Being a barista is like working in a drinks shop - if you're professionally involved in coffee making, don't drink too much, because you can easily get addicted. First a painful detox from caffeine, then a club of anonymous coffee lovers and finally losing your job, because how can you trust an employee who can't control his own addiction. And he was the best! Instead of coffee, you should choose Paolo Coffeelho socks, you won't get addicted. Your feet at the most.

Horse of Course

Horse? Of course! Best of all, anyone can have one now. Perfect socks for fans of the cowboy lifestyle who dream of a crazy gallop through the Wild Valley, and also for those whose parents didn't let them ride ponies at village fairs as a child. And if you're a fan of horsepower and haven't yet bought your own Mustang, you can hop in the new Nanushki for a while and ride off wherever you like.

What The Duck

There is a Polish saying that if you are very much an outsider, you are the "black duck" among the others. We have a tried and tested solution for situations where you feel left out, stigmatised: put on your favourite Nanushki socks, turn on your heels and shout "out with the duck!" behind you. We can't guarantee that your family's opinion of you will change, but you'll get reassurance and temporary freedom from the beak of aunts and cousins, and that's the most important thing!


The blue of the Ligurian Sea, fine Bolognese, ripening grapes, the violet eyes of an unknown beauty and the rays of the midday sun. If you're not sure where to spend your next holiday, we suggest you don't miss the colourful Manarola socks in every colour of Italy. Grande, grande! Wherever you go here, you feel like you're inside a rainbow.

The socks are made of 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane.

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Holy Cow, Starsheep, Furry Gang

Come and get your favourite Nanushki socks to make your feet as individual as you are. Now you can have yours for 2990 Ft! They are available in store and on the webshop!