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Bring colour into your everyday life with the new Native Boots!

Innovation, sustainability, originality and, most importantly, a simple formula of lightness, they seek to simplify our everyday lives, beautify our environment and reduce our carbon footprint on the world. Come to Szputnyik and get your favourite colour!
It seems the harder the world gets, the more it needs lightness. Lightness is what we're here for. It drives the brand to design products and experiences that create a lighter, healthier and happier world for us all. You make an impact every time you wear a pair of Native Shoes. By 2023, every pair of Native Shoes will be 100% lifecycle-managed, meaning every part of the manufacturing process will be traceable and sustainable.

New colours have arrived in Szputnyik!
They're only available in limited quantities, so snap them up now!
Makes a super Christmas gift for anyone who loves nature, hiking and colour. But of course, it's also the perfect addition to your everyday life, no need to rush off to the Mátra for a performance hike.

It's durable, it can withstand the elements; mud, water, you name it, thanks to the synthetic waterproof coating. The boots are not only waterproof, but also super airy, very lightweight, made of professional materials, but also very thick, so they keep your feet warm even on the coldest days. It also has an antibacterial interior that stops odours, keeping you perfectly clean and dry. Its special sole provides good traction, so even in the slipperiest weather and on slippery ground, you don't have to worry about a possible butt crack.

Key features:
  • Durable and waterproof synthetic upper
  • Synthetic and breathable waterproof and breathable synthetic fabric with EVA foam interior for comfort
  • Microfiber neoprene lining with antibacterial odor protection
  • Nylon breathable waterproof fabric
  • Lightweight TPR sole
  • Improved CityLite outsole for better traction
  • No animal products are used in the manufacture of the shoe
And now a little more about the new colours:
They'll complement any winter set beautifully and bring a pop of colour to drab weekdays.

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Dijon Yellow | Desert Orange

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Dijon Yellow | Desert Orange

This mustard yellow step is an easy way to dress up any men's or women's set, so you can have super practicality and style at the same time.
Reminiscent of spring blooming meadows and rolling hillsides, the colour can be an escape from the winter gloom. Go for this colour if the late spring lowland scene is your favourite.
We also give you tips on what products you can find in similar colours:
For example, with this Fjallraven cap, also in mustard yellow, you'll be perfectly equipped to withstand the cold weather. But if you prefer bags, you can choose one of Fjallraven's pouches to go with it. Our homegrown brand, Evuska, also has some lovely summer colours to complement and brighten up your kit, with the yellow colour.

Native Sárga

Fjallraven Vardag Classic Beanie | Acorn

Fjallraven Kanken Hip Pack – Ochre

Fjallraven Kanken Mini - Acorn-Ox Red

Evuska Totebag - Tetris

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Dust Pink | Bone White

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Dust Pink | Bone White

If early spring cherry blossoming is your favourite time of year and you love walking through the pink trees in the small streets, then recreate that feeling with these shoes.
And highlight it with more from Szputnyik.
Once again, the colour-matching Fjallraven hashitas are a perfect way to highlight your outfit, and if you top it off with one of our new pink fluffy hats, it's clear for all to see that you're a rebel spring lover. Take the colour further and add your yoga love.

Native rózsaszín

Fjallraven Kanken Hip Pack - Pink

Fluffy halászsapka – rózsaszín

Many Mornings zokni – Namaste

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Cavalier Red | Bone White

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Cavalier Red | Bone White

If you prefer a deeper burgundy, more end-of-summer colour, go for the cherry burgundy boot. You can also complement this with one of the Fjallraven bag collection. It's almost as if they were designed as one, you'll find a matching bag in a colour for each boot, so don't miss out, find your own combo. If you'd prefer to jazz up your boots with a sweater from a unique Hungarian designer, go for the Evuska brand, who hand-screen prints patterns and stories onto clothes.

Native bordó

Fjallraven Kanken Mini - Plum

Evuska Pulóver - Filodendron

Many Mornings Zokni - Dark Espresso

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Pine Green | Darknite Grey

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Pine Green | Darknite Grey

The angry green colour of amber and pine symbolise true forest hiking, which is a must in any weather, especially when you get one of these Native boots on your feet, where mud, water and cold are no obstacle.
If you prefer darker, less blatant colours, but don't want to go grey just yet, this is the colour for you.
As a pairing, we can of course recommend Fjallraven Hip Pack again, which also harmonises perfectly with this colour. It also comes with the colour-coordinated sapi! But the Many Mornings socks will not let you down when it comes to nature. However, if you're into vintage pieces, you'll still find what you're after, so come into the shop and browse our unique treasures.

Native zöld

Fjallraven Kanken Hip Pack – Arctic Green

Fjallraven Pom Hat | Arctic Green-Black

Many Mornings Zokni – Scout Memory

Vintage póló – Adidas (a shopban)

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Utili Green | Darknite Grey

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Utili Green | Darknite Grey

If you like earthy tones and prefer to see the colours of autumn-winter nature on your skin, go for this colour.
A great accessory is the large Fjallraven backpack, which can hold everything you need, whether you're going for a run around the city or a hike in the countryside.
Find more products that highlight your love of nature!

Smörgas kitűző - There is no planet "B" (A boltban)

Fjallraven Pom Hat | Deep forest-Acorn

Get the real Canadian feel in our Native boots and matching accessories, available in our shop at 20 Dohány Street or in our webshop!