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Online Exclusive: Available only on our webshop!

Our webshop is full with exciting treasures too! We show you some exclusive collection that are available only from our online store! Follow the independent and sustainable lifestyle!

Frida Kahlo collection

We show you a whole collection inspired by the artist. Her whole life, art and personality motivates everybody on the world. A real, strong and independent women who became millions of people's exemplar.

Her colorful world hides a lot of pain and bitterness, it makes her art very special Get your favourite accessories or a super tanktop to make you strong during every day of the week.

You can find the collection here.

Cherry boots

We have expanded our collection with a new global brand, the Brazilian Boaonda® Cherry. The exotic brand offers exciting styles and materials to the lovers of fashion.

The slogan of Cherry boots is to let the women's creativity fly and celebrates their decisions and spontaneity when the women choose extravagant and bohemian pieces to their outfits.

You can find the collection here.

Vintage collection

Our vintage collection is full with hiding treasures. They are absolutely limited editions and unique because we have only one piece from each. You can choose from many vintage sweaters, special handbags and tops in the name of sustainability.

You can find the collection here.

Toms shoes

If you want to prepare to spring right now then check our alpargatas on webshop in the name of charity. Be the part of Toms's lifestyle!

You can find the collection here.

For more treasures check our webshop and shops!