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Save the planet óon Earth's Day in our super outfits!

On 22th April, Sunday we celebrate Earth Day when we and the environmentalists especially raise attention to the exploitation, contamination and damage we cause our planet. A lot of associations get together to make it to a better place: they are planning to plant 7.8 billion trees by 2020 and they boycott the usage of straws and plastic bags.

Április 22. a Föld napja, válogass ez alkalomból föld tematikájú termékeink között!

In Szputnyik, we are trying to keep pace with the trends of enviromental protection so in the last years we've changed the material of our packages so we're only using recycled and rapidly degradable paper and plastic bags.

Every year they cut off 15 billion trees to make space for the people's expansion so we'd like to warn you that maybe you cannot save rain forests but can save the immediate environment and the planet around you!

Kertészkedős apróságok

We'd like to encourage you to the gardening. If you have no garden, make a little kale-yard in the window or at the balcony to plant exciting herbs and flowers.

Természet inspirálta noknik és noteszek

Start in little! Take care of you immediate enviroment and make your days beautiful with these lovely accesories. You can also cheer up your outfit, not only you balcony! You can choose between funny socks, vivid, colorful patches and pins or inspiring notes to get out of the flats to the nature.

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These tops go not only to the gardening but to the urban life too. They are made from pure velvet what is extremly trendy in 2018. They have a lovely style that anybody can bravely put on. Their solid, pastel colours are totally stylish this summer and easily can be paired also with elegant skirts and also with sporty jeans. It's gonna be a direct hit anyway!

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Virágos termékeink

We've also thought about the guys so we'd like to present you our super, tropical t-shirts what are summoning the summer vibes and the love of nature and plants. You can choose the solid colours and the vivid, extravagant ones to make a match with your personality. We really love them!

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Kertésznadrágok nem csak kertészkedéshez.

If you don't have time to make a cool outfit, then it's the perfect choice for you! These lovely dungarees with the solid, white t-shirt are totally awesome also to have a trip in the nature or just cruising in the city. Its cute embroidery makes it more likable, and its small pocket makes it more practical.

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