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Rethink your clothes! - New patch collection

You cannot stop the expand of our pin and patch collection so here they come with many new types!

You can choose from hundreds to find the perfect pieces that can decorate your bored clothes in the name of sustainability.

The devil's in the details as the saying goes and we couldn't agree more! Fashion industry has always been urging us not too underestimate the power of accessories, and take the time when choosing the right one. Even the simplest outfits can be upgraded with a few well-chosen extra bits.

We're here to help you with introducing the new generation of accessories, that will cheer up, and transform any old item you have.

We advocate vintage fashion and lifestyle, and recycling, reusing and reworking older items is very much a part of it! Change something about it and give it new life!

How to rework your items?

  1. Choose a piece of clothing that you don't have to wash very often, or make sure to strengthen you patch with a few stitches after it's ironed on, so it'll stay in its place for sure even when you do wash it. Denim and hard canvas materials are the most suitable for 'patching up'.
  2. Put the patch on your item, wherever you'd like it to be.
  3. Turn the item inside out, and iron it on the spot where your patch is. (This way you don't apply the heat directly on the patch, but melt the glue on it from the inside of the item.)
  4. Wait for a few minutes for it to cool and set, and then your brand new upgraded item is ready to use!

The patches and pins are uniformly 990 HUF.

Be the part of the fashion's circulation! Visit our stores and browse our online selection, too!