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The new patches have arrived!

Among our autumn novelties, you can find not only vintage treasures, but also smaller accessories that can give new life to your damaged or bored garments in the spirit of sustainable fashion. Cheerful, expressive little things that we have collected with great care from all over the world so that you are guaranteed to find the myriad patterns and shapes that are right for you! 
These tiny embellishments can conjure the biggest and most surprising wonders on your clothes. For years, the fashion industry has been trying to emphasize that we do place a particular emphasis on choosing our accessories. Sputnik also fully agrees with this, as the world of vintage is typically a stage where even the simplest piece of clothing can go crazy with a couple of well-chosen little things.
How to transform your clothes? 
 1. First, choose a garment that washes relatively infrequently, or reinforce the edges of the sewers with a few stitches so cleaning won’t be a problem either! It is recommended to choose a textile that is not damaged by the heat caused by ironing, so it can be perfect for designing denim and linen materials.
 2. Iron the trifles through the inside of the garment so that the adhesive surface on the back of the seamer can melt onto the fabric. 
 3. Wait for the surface to cool and the adhesive to set and you can wear it!
The patches cost 990 HUF uniformly.