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Portfolio Points Spring 2012 – Completely Incomplete

portfolio points jónás jácint

Spring waiting exhibition in Szputnyik D20!!!

The Exibition is a part of the Portfolio Points course of events in which the visitors can browse through Jácint Jónás’s (image-writer) extraordinary pictures between our clothes.

Let the search begin!!!

The figures of Jácint Jónás form a whole out of incompletion. Not ony that missing bodyparts doesn’t mutilate the message of a picture, but they make us more curious with their mistique. Our attention doen’t get deflected on a perfectly shaped butt or leg, we keep on focusing on the whole image. After a time we begin to sense the missing parts as natural.

During the exhibition in the distinct gallery part you’ll find unique objects and clothes matching the topic of the photos.
portfolio points jónás jácint

More photos on the Facebook: