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PS Magazin: The guys of Superstereo are also crazy about Szputnyik shop!


Our #szputnyikwishlist Instagram giveaway is on, and the thing is, we are not the only ones who are crazy about vintage and used clothing! Our mini-interview series is here to introduce you all the Szputnyik-addict musicians. Our first victims were the members of SuperStereo. They have created a cool montage for you, so come on and put all your favorite Szputnyik items together if you haven't already, because we are running out of time, and the prizes are more than irresistible! 

What is the first thing you thing of when you hear the word vintage?
Faded photographs that are lovely and good to remember. 

What is your favorite Szputnyik item?
We love their t-shirts! They are comfortable, have original prints and can be worn with anything. 

In you opinion, what makes Szputnyik shop different form any other vintage store of the city? 
The boldness of the prinst is steir strong suit. That's why we love them! 


What do you think of their contemporary, limited edition designer products? Which of the would you like to wear?
These further strengthen the brand's originality and makes it feel good to wear these clothes on stage and on the streets, since you know you'll not see it on anybody else.

Do you wear Szputnyik pieces on stage or in your everyday lives?
Both! Nowadays we wear them more to our gigs, since the shared style strenghtens the unity on stage.

We would think that members of the electronical music scene don't wear vintage pieces. What attracts you to this style? 
The boundaries in music are extremely blurred, therefore fashion is much more open now. Originality is extremely important to us, and we lik eto do things differently. Being a wierdo is great, and if we mix musical styles why wouldn't we do so in fashion as well!?

If you'd like to enter our #szputnyikwishlist giveaway you can find all the information in this article! Don't miss out! 

Interview: PS Magazine