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PS Magazin: Peti Puskas, the founding member of the Biebers also has a montage for you!


The thing is, Szputnyik shop’s and PS Magazine’s joint #szputnyikwishlist giveaway is ending tomorrow. That marks the end of our mini-interview series on the topic as well. However, before that, let’s see what Peti Puskás, founding member of The Bieber thinks about Szputnyik!
What’s the first word that pops into your mind when you hear the word vintage?
The Coolista.
What’s your favorite Szputnyik piece in your wardrobe?
I have a black t-shirt with a wierd guy on the front holdig a giant knife.
What do you think distinguishes Szputnyik shop from the other vintage stores of the city?
It’s not trashy. That’s good. I feel it.


What is your opinion on their small-scale, contemporary designer collections? Which one of them would you like to wear the most?
It’s an amazing innovation, I prefer their standard collectin, though.
Do you wear Szputnyik pieces on stage or in your everyday life?
Both. We even had a performing set in which half of the pieces were from Szputnyik. It’s a
shame that we always lose some of our clothes at gigs. I especially miss a t-shirt from that
set! 
What would you ask for this Christmas from Szputnyik’s Santa for yourself, and your loved ones?
I really like their bags! It would look better on me for sure, than my schcoolbag that I’m
currently using. Actually, that one looks pretty bad.
We cannot wait to see your pictures, show us how creative you are! It's not too late! #szputnyikwishlist