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PS Magazin: New vintage fan spotted: Sena loves Szputnyik too!

190132.10150116432439247.4523199.n.exact726wOur mini-interview series is coming to an end, since our #szputnyikwishlist Instagram giveaway is almost over. However, before the final rush, we will share the thougths of a super-characteristic singer, Sena, on vintage style and Szputnyik shop. Here you go!

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word: vintage?
Old style...

What is your favorite Szputnyik item?
A black tulle skirt and a shirt that has vests printed on it.

What do you think makes Szputnyik different from any other vintage stores of the city?
They have many good shirts and accessories!


What do you think of their contemporary, limited edition designer items? Which of them would you rather wear?
They have many great things, however, due to size shortages I can never find one for myself.

Do you wear Szputnyik on stage or in your personal life?
I like Szputnyik's unique pieces on stage, and I also like to wear them in my everyday life.

Your African roots are always present in the way you dress. Does it match the vintage style represented by Szputnyik shop?
I think everything matches everything if you feel good about yourself. I can mix Arican fabrics and jewelry with any of their pieces.

Interview: PS MAgazin