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PS magazin

We are here to introduce the winners of Szputnyik and Trafó's joint T-shirt design competition. The competition started in may and the task was to create original, contemporary t-shirt graphic designs. The design had to represent the spirit of the organisers and had to be funny, creative and easy to mass produce. 

Aspiring designers had three weeks to enter and 500 of them did from Budapest, from the countryside and even from Berlin. The submissions were judged by a professional jury based on the spirit, creativity and message of the works. During the award ceremony the winning designs were announced followed by an artpop party with the underground music of Dorothy's Legs, the band of Lili Walters and Máté Szilágyi. You can read about the winners, Dávid Gutema, Judit Besze and Untunte below.

 #1 Dávid GutemaGutema Dávid

Studies Intermedia at the Hungarian University of Applied Arts. He has been drawing for lond but not like an academist. 

Gutema Dávid tervei

#2 Judit Besze

Besze Judit

A freelacer graphic designer. Studied in Eger but started out as a self-taught artist. Has been drawing since her childhood but found out only two years ago that this is what she wants to do for a living. 

Besze Judit tervei

#3 Untune


Found the joy in drawing while travelling, when he started to work at a printing workshop in Berlin. Ever since he is a freelacer artist, illustrator and has been designing for three years. He uses new techniques very often, he believes that's important to realize your own dreams as well as others'. Designs for bands and brands who let him do what he desires. 

Untune grafika

Article: Lina, PS Magazine