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Szputnyik ShopChristmas

Glamour - 2015. december

Glamour Hungary - December 2015

Glamour Christmas Press

Szputnyik shop in Glamour Hungary's Christmas tips 

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Dresscode: Csúnyapulcsi!

Dresscode: Ugly Sweater!

Ugly Sweater Fashion Photoshoots Christmas Fall/Winter

Everyone has to wear their most Christmasy, ugliest sweaters they own during the International Ugly Sweater Day! Whether it is an old gift from grandma, or the result of a long vintage treasure hunt, you have to wear it!

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Kis Karácsonyi Kedvesek

Christmas Kindness

Fashion Photoshoots Christmas Style Tips

Do you have any idea how many ways are there to make Christmas Eve even more special? Here is our mini-photo series as an ispiration, to show you how we celebrate after the christmas shopping is done.

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A Szputnyik legújabb "csúnyapulcsi" ajánlója

The newest ugly sweater collection by Szputnyik shop

Ugly Sweater Fashion Christmas Style Tips

The International Ugly Sweater Day is a tradition at Szputnyik shop as well. That's good because you have an excuse to wear the uglyest sweaters the world had ever seen for a whole day!

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