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Szputnyik ShopExhibition

Frida örök - a legújabb darabok már a Szputnyikban!

Frida is Forever - New collection in stores now!

Fashion Events Exhibition Fall/Winter New Arrivals

In 2018, one of the central themes is the strong women and it's just getting more and more important from year to year. One of the biggest cultural event in Hungary is the Frida Kahlo Exhibiton that brought in the central the artist again with her unstoppable energy, strength and persistance.

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Dívá - Időszakos fotókiállítás az időtlenségről szegecses Louboutinnal

Dívá - Temporary exhibition in the name of timelessness with studded Loubutins

Dívá Fashion Exhibition Press

Since Szputnyik shop helped to bring the Timeless exhibition a pop-up store opened in the same venue. We had to stop right at the entrance to examine a pair of studded Christian Louboutins right next to a pair of Yves Saint-Lauren pumps, but the houndstooth printed Escada jacket also cought our attention.

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TIMELESS - fotókiállítás a vintage jegyében

TIMELESS - photo exhibition dedicated to the past

Projects Exhibition

Following the traditions of Design Week Budapest we offer a real cultural treat this year as well! We invite you all to Zsófia Heisler’s and Marcell Krulik’s photography exhibition. The concept reflects one of the basic views of Szputnyik Shop, that there is nothing more exciting than the fusion of the old and the new.

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Fashion Interviews Exhibition Press

We have mentioned Hungary's most popular vintage store before on our site. Szputnyik shop invites you all to a very special event, you can read all about it in this article along with an intersting interview with the organisers.

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ELTE Online - Időtlenség Szputnyik módra

ELTE Online: Timlessness as Szputnyik shop sees it

Exhibition Press

Szputnyik shop invites all fans of fashion and photography to an extraordinary journey in the neame of slow fashion. The temporary exhibition will portray the timeless beauty of vintage clothes  through Zsófia Heisler's and Marcell Kurlik's photography. 

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Magyar Narancs - "Mint a társadalmi-szociális problémaérzékenység"

Magyar Narancs: "Just like social sensitivity"

Interviews Exhibition Press

"Six months ago the head of Szputnyik shop, which is a vintage store, Ingrid Szekeres has came up to me with the idea of an exhibition during Design Week in the name of slow fashion and they would like me to do it."

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Portfolio Points 2012 - Teljességgel hiányos

Portfolio Points Spring 2012 – Completely Incomplete

Fashion Projects Events News Exhibition

Spring waiting exhibition in Szputnyik D20! The Exibition is a part of the Portfolio Points course of events in which the visitors can browse through Jácint Jónás’s (image-writer) extraordinary pictures between our clothes.

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