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Téli kollekciónk nélkülözhetetlen darabjai egy helyen!

Téli kollekciónk nélkülözhetetlen darabjai egy helyen!

Fashion Fenntartható Divat Kanken Martens Native Shoes Fall/Winter Style Tips

A téli időjárás nem jelenti azt, hogy le kéne mondanod a stílusos és kreatív öltözékekről vagy éppen az élénk színekről. Ne hagyd, hogy a szürke időjárás az egyhangúságba és monotonitásba sodorjon, inspirálódj csodás szettjeinkből, amik a tél kedvenc darabjait mutatja be!

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Tough as You! - ÚJ Dr. Martensek a Szputnyikban!

Tough as You! - New Dr. Martens collection!

Fashion Martens Fall/Winter Style Tips New Arrivals

This Autumn cannot start without a new Dr. Martens collection so we brought you 3 unique types!

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Worn Different - A tavaszi Dr. Martens cipők már a Szputnyikban!

Worn Different - The spring/summer Dr. Martens footwear has arrived!

Fashion Martens Spring/Summer New Arrivals

It's been years that we love the Dr. Martens boots together just as in the spring of 2019 when we brought you real specalities. Their timeless, high-quality show you the way to complete your outfit.

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Segítünk, hogy ruhatárad is vegán lehessen!

Here is the guide to a vegan closet!

Fashion Martens Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

In November we celebrate the World Vegan Month when the activists are trying to give attention to the danger that menace the Earth and its wildlife. You don't have to forget about the stylish dressing because you can find many alternativ way to dress up following the winters trends. We show you a few tips!

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Így viseld a Dr. Martens bakancsod!

Check how to wear your Dr. Martens!

Fashion Martens Fall/Winter Style Tips

The lovely Doc Martens boots are inspiring us every time. Due to the huge interest and happiness we made a few outfits with the Martens shoes to give you dress code to every day of the week.

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A 2018-as Dr. Martens őszi/téli kollekció már a Szputnyikban!

The new AW collection of Dr. Martens is in store now!

Fashion Projects Martens Fall/Winter New Arrivals

We are giving you new surprises to the second half of the year because many adventures are still waiting for you in 2018! In September, our new surprise is the AW collection of Dr. Martens in Szputnyik shops!

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