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Holiday Ugly Sweater Challenge - Nyerj különleges, limitált Fjällräven hátizsákokat!

Holiday Ugly Sweater Challenge - Win limited edition Fjallraven backpack

Events Christmas Giveaway

Have you found the perfect Christmas ugly sweater? Would you like to show it off to the world? Would you like a chance to win? We want to give you a gift this Christmas, so we are starting a giveaway in which you get the chance to win valuable Fjallraven backpacks!

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Frida Kahlo - A halhatatlan stílusikon

Frida Kahlo- The Immortal Fashion Icon

Projects Giveaway Style Tips

Frida Kahlo's life inspired not only the fashion industry or the artists, but the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theatre and the Éva Duda Troupe too. The performance brings the peerless Frida's spirit back.

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A legjobb páros jelmezötletek - Halloween ajánló

The best matching costumes - Halloween guide

Fashion Giveaway Fall/Winter Style Tips

Around Halloween we summon the spirit of the past, we bring icons from the past to life, who are not only remembered for their actions and personalities but also for their authentic style. We aim to help you find the perfect authentic items for your look with our matching costume guide.

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Dorca Borca Tattoo x Szputnyik shop

Dorca Borca Tattoo x Szputnyik shop

Projects Interviews Giveaway

We've recently launched our Birthday giveaway in which you get the chance to win a tattoo worth 30.000 HUF provided you give the correct answers to our questions. Now you get to know the artist, Dóri Berczi aka Dorca Borca, who will tattoo our winner.


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Szputnyik shop x Dorca Borca kvízjáték

Szputnyik shop x Dorca Borca quiz giveaway

Projects Events News Giveaway

As Szputnyik shop is turning 7 years old we don't only have sales and promotions between 7 and 20 of November, but you also get to win! Answer the following questions correctly, and win a Dorca Borca tattoo! 

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Ír kocsmazene vintage és modern ruhadarabokkal megspékelve

Irish pub-music upgraded with modern and vintage clothing

Projects Events News Interviews Giveaway

They will have a huge show on 2. April at Akvárium klub, where they will present their latest video for the song Start Again. The music video features Szputnyik clothes as well.

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Szputnyik Outfit of the Day játék!

Szputnyik Outfit of the Day Giveaway!

Fashion Events News Giveaway

It's time for you to show us how you personalise Szputnyik items! The uploaders of the three most inspiring photos will be awarded with Szputnyik sunglasses by Szputnyik's jury.

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PS Magazin: Peti Puskas, the founding member of the Biebers also has a montage for you!

Interviews Giveaway Press PSMagazin

Szputnyik shop’s and PS Magazine’s joint #szputnyikwishlist giveaway is ending tomorrow. Let’s see what Peti Puskás, founding member of The Bieber thinks about Szputnyik!

Read more → - Sena is odavan a Szputnyikért!

PS Magazin: New vintage fan spotted: Sena loves Szputnyik too!

Interviews Giveaway Press PSMagazin

Our mini-interview series is coming to an end, since our #szputnyikwishlist Instagram giveaway is almost over. However, before the final rush, we will share the thougths of a super-characteristic singer, Sena, on vintage style and Szputnyik shop.

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PS Magazin: ''I live, perform and have sex in these''-Anna Pásztor swears by Szputnyik shop

Interviews Giveaway Press PSMagazin

There are a lot of cool guys who are into used and vintage clothing. Now about that, among other things, Anna Pásztor singer will talk to us whose extravagant style is to die for. Let's see how see wears must-have Szputnyik pieces!

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