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A nyár soha nem érhet véget új táskáinkkal!

Summer never ends with our new bags!

Fashion Style Tips Bags Spring/Summer New Arrivals

August hit in but it doesn't matter the end of the summer. The endless queue of adventures are waiting for you in the city and also in the county so get your new bag and explore the hidden places!

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Best of Szputnyik shop - Top 10 poszt

Best of Szputnyik shop - Top 10 posts

Fashion Style Tips Bags

You could see our top ten blog posts a while ago, and to continue our Birthday retrospective here are the top 10 most liked Facebook posts and Instagram photos of the past years.

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Nem mindegy mit cipelsz! Táskák a Szputnyikból

Care about what you carry! Bags from Szputnyik shop

Fashion Style Tips Bags New Arrivals

Bags are the most basic accessories that we hardly ever take a step without. Szputnyik shop has countless designs, styles, patterns, colors an sizes to offer those who wish to carry their belongings with style. Here's our collection from the old classics to the newest arrivals! 

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We Love Budapest: A Föld napja Budapesten: 11 hely, ahol újrahasználható táskákat találsz

We Love Budapest: Eart's day in Budapest 11 places to find reusable bags

Press Bags WeLoveBudapest

Over two floors and at two separate stores, Szputnyik offers new and old pieces alike, as they combine vintage items and brand-new designs. The coolest clothes – such ascrop tops, rock-band shirts, festival outfits, and some provocative pieces – are all found here, and the same countercultural style applies to their bags as well.


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