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Support a cause with the gifts you give!!

Do you have a treehugger friend? Someone who cares more about the well-being of plants than of themselves, goes on hikes each weekend and feels more at home in nature than in the urban jungle? You can give them some personalised gifts this Christmas from Szputnyik shop!

If you have ever been scolded by a friend for not recycling, lectured on the harmful effects of going everywhere by car or told all the things you could do to can save an endangered species and of course you love them anyway, then choose something for them for Christmas from our gift guide for the lovers of nature! 

Their flat is probably full of plants, why shouldn't they have some in ther wardrobes too? Not to mention that their message of loving them would go without saying in the future. 
You can find lots of plant-printed pieces at Szputnyik shop, check our online selection or visit  our stores:

Wearing vintage is one eco-conscious step as well! Slow fashion means you don't contribute to the harmful mass-production of low quality products, but that you get a quality and unique piece for yourself or your loved one! What's more, wearing vintage pieces is also a different experience, since all these clothes have a history and a personality.

Protecting our environment also means protecting animals and helping others. Szputnyik shop believes these causes to be very important that is why you can find many products you can help actively with at our stores. Like Fjallraven's Save the arctic fox Kanknem bag, with wich you get to support research on saving these precious animals.

When it comes to charity it is important to mention TOMS shoes. They have a unique one-for-one business model, which means they give a pair of shoes to a child of a third world country in need after each sold pair.

TOMS shoes are now available for 30% off at our stores and online store!

These product are not only perfect gifts for your helping friend but support causes that are important to them. 

Get to know the brands:

About Fjallraven:

About TOMS:

There are even more ways to help through Szputnyik shop! You can support Hungary's flora and fauna through purchasing a pin from the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society. These beautiful and quality pins portray Hungarian birds, interesting, funny and colorful animals and plants and you can get any of them for 500 HUF. The full sum goes to the society who are working on saving endangeres species and plants in our country.

If your nature-loving friend goes by bike anywhere they can and consider it to be more of a family member than a means of transportation, then get them a bike themed product from Szputnyik shop! These are not only stylish, but also spread thje idea of swiching to bikes instead of air-polluting vehicles. Choose going by bike as often as you can!

Lovers of nature are usually active protectors of the planet . Choose an Earth or universe themed piece for them this Christmas from Szputnyik shop. 

You can read more about how you can protect the environment when it comes to Christmas gifts in our previous atricle: link

You are welcome to join us during Christmas preparations and during the Holidays as well! Get to know more about out our holiday opening hours below. We are doing everything we can to make Christmas shopping easier for you with our gift guides, but also check out our stores and online store that are full of perfect gifts for your loved ones!

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