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WINTER SALE 20, 30, 50% discount

Winter Sale

Now that we left the stressful and celebratory moments of Christmas behind and you gave the perfect gift to all your loved ones it's time to treat yourself! 

Our January sales are the perfect way to dod so since you get to shop for your favorite Szputnyik items for 20, 30 or even 50% off! *

Visit our stores or shop online during our Winter Sale event, between 27 and 31 January when you can have a guaranteed 20% discount provided you know the password and tell it to the cashier or submit it in our online store. What's more, you can even have 30% or 50% discounts on some of our selected items! 


Here are some collections from the items you can get on sale during our event. 

Flowers for glommy days! 

Prints make outfits more special and unique, not to mention that a printed piece is much more interesting than a plain one. Bring some excitement into your wardrobe with a geometric or floral printed Szputnyik item! Choose a unisex pullover (-20%), feminine dresses (-30%), women's or men's sneakers (-20%) or statement accessories (-50%) for less between 27-31 January!

Browse our patterned pieces online:

Heartwarming pieces in the cold

These pieces will keep you warm both on the outside and on the inside. They cheer every animal-lover up. Either it's a tank top (-30%), a unisex pullover (-20%) or a fun wallet (-30%) if you are the fun of animals you should have one item with a furry, feathery or a scaled cutie.

Check the out:

Color therapy

We are not the first ones and we are certainly not the last people to tell you that wearing colors has a good effect on your life, however, now you have the chance to test the theory! Get a unisex pullover (-20%), a romantic tank top (-30%), a fun accessory (-50%) or a quality used women's or men's sneaker (-20%) in a nice shade form our pastell or bright selection with a discount during our Winter Sale!

Our online selection:

Timeless must-have

Statement, expressive accessories are must-haves and you can never have enough of them! Get your hands in our special bracelets during our winter sale, and choose from our unique earrings for half their original price!

Check the online:

Key festival pieces

Check these unique key festival pieces from our vintage and new limited edition selection. Create a complete outfit during our sale and choose your clothes for the next festival season from sneaker (-20%), through vintage trousers (-30%) and lace tops (-50%) and the essential flower crown (-50%) to the perfect backpack (gymbags -20%, backpacks -30%) and you're ready to get your wristband!

See you at the main stage! 

Check our online selection:

This is only a sneak peek into our selection on sale, follow our blogFacebook and Instagram.

We are waiting for you during our Winter Sale between 27 and 31 of January. Don't forget that this month doesn't have to be boring, and winter doesn't have to be gloomy!

Join our Facebook event here:

* The discount is not valid for Fjallraven products and cannot be combined with any other sales and promotions.


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