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TIMELESS - photo exhibition dedicated to the past

időtlen vintage

TIMELESS - Photo exhibition dedicated to vintage

Szputnyik shop invites everyone interested in fashion and photography for a time travel in the name of Slow Fashion. At the exhibition organised in Fogasház the timeless beauty of vintage clothes is presented through the creations of Zsófia Heisler and Marcell Krulik.

Reflecting to each other, the artists revive past and present connected by the clothes appearing in the photo-pairs. The two eras reflecting each other show that vintage as a style is ageless.

Opening speech by Péter Szűcs
Senior editor of Marie Claire and Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Issue

Vernissage: Sep 29, 2012 Saturday, 7pm

Exhibition runs from Sep 29 – Oct 17, 2012

In parallel with the exhibition a Szputnyik pop-up store is also open at the exhibition venue.

Venue: Fogasház Kulturális Befogadótér

1073 Budapest, Akácfa u. 51.

Mon-Sat: 12:00-04.00 Sun: 16:00-04:00

In partnership with Budapest Design Week 2012 

időtlen vintage kiállítás 
You can find pictures under the link below: