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We'll help you keep your resolutions this year!

It's been a worldwide tradition, that people try to be better in the new year and make resolutions in order to be able to do so the following 12 moths. Either you want to give up your bad habits, or change your lifestyle, or aim to help others more one thing is for sure: we all want to be better for the next year.
Our motivation tends to fade during the first months, however, we want to help you keep it all year long.

We pay attention to keep the balance between physical and spiritual health, meanwhile keeping our surrounding healthy at the same time. Our resolutions include ones that are aimed at our inner selves, but there also are some that are about the health, cleanliness and safety of our planet, in order to have a better, peaceful and happy future. 


"I swear I'll protect the environment."

Vintage lifestyle revolves around sustainability and we also try to raise attention to the harmful ways of fast fashion brands and try to inspire you all to buy precious and quality vintage items.

Vintage pieces are special not only because they represent a piece of history, but thyy're also timeless thanks to their high quality that allows them to be worn even today. 

 Sustainability means that instead of throwing your old pieces out, you keep wearing them and alterring them so that they fit modern trends too. Just add some patches, emroidery or paint.

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" I swear I'll be more selfless! "

There are many ways of helping others and our environment. You can do so by avoiding cruel and harmful fast fashion chains and shop in Hungarian family businesses, like us.
We believe it's important to give back, so we made the beautiful pins of the Hungarian Ornothological and Nature Conservation Society's available for you in return for a 500 HUF (approx. 2,5 Euros) donation to the organisation. 

They work on raising awareness to the endangered species and the protection of our environment. 

A good cause through stylish and sophisticated accessories.

Show your support for our furry friends through a printed design.

''I swear I'll lead a more healthy lifestyle!"

We're all for healthy lifestyle choices, since the healthier you feel the better you look. 

After the feasts of the Holidays it's no surprise, that our bodies need refreshing healthy things. Start having more fruits and vegetables in your life! 

We know it is easy to give in to the temptation and keep eating sweets and heavy meals, but we're here to inspire you so you can stay on the right path.

Let our fruit printed items inspire you:

I swear I'll wor out more!

A healthy lifestyle is nothing withouth sports, and working out. Many people decide in january that the'll get a pass to a gym, but most of them never goes.

In order to avoid failure, it's useful to get a few sports items you love, so you'll stay motivated and you'll feel good when you're working out. 

May these bike-themed items remind you of a more sporty and healthy way of transport.

We would like to motivate and inspire you in 2018 too, so you can realize your dreams and goals and have a great year, just like the in past eight years of our existence.