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Our newest jewelry collection is here - Start summer with us!

Nyári ékszerválogatás

Vintage vibes lie in the details so we encourage you to choose your accessories wisely. A pair of sneaky socks, the perfect belt and your jewelry. 

Even the most basic t-shirt can be turned into a stunning outfit with the right accessories. We've brought you our 2018 spring/summer collection to choose from! 


Gyűrűk a Szputnyikban

Either you're into gold or silver pleated pieces you'll find the one for you for sure! We even have matching designs for you and your bff. Check out our new collection if you're looking for something extraordinary, however, take your time, since we have more than a hundred different designs and they're all limited edition!

Különleges, színes műgyanta berakásos bohém gyűrűinket megtalálhatod üzleteinkben és webshopunkon is.



Bohém nyakláncok a Szputnyikban!

Tribal inspired, exotic pieces are our newest additions to our necklaces collection. Colors are must-haves when it comes to summer accessories, so you should check these beauties out! 
Our beloved and popular copper necklaces with many different pendants are also restocked, so you can find the one for you, too!

Különböző, szuper medállal ellátott réznyakláncainkat megtalálhatjátok üzleteinkben és webshopunkon is.


Különleges nyakláncok érkeztek!

Dress your face up with a pair of fun earrings! Minimal design, bohemian and rebelliously extravagant items are also available. 
Our small, round earrings with pictures are the perfect choices for dreamers who never want to grow up!Fülbevalók online


Szuper karkötők várnak a Szputnyikban!

Warm weather means sleeveless pieces, so it's time for you to dress your arms! Choose a beautiful bracelet inspired by the spirituality and positivity of eastern cultures or the current trends of urban metropolises.

Online karkötőink

 Find our prettiest rings, necklaces, earringst and bracelets among many other new arrivals online and in our stores!